Make your own Flower Fairy or Page Pixie in one of our...

Baby Wedding Carriages

available to hire in the UK & Ireland

& the only service of its's kind in the World...


The Baby Wedding Carriage is the brainchild of Collette and Sean Bourke who just wanted to include their 10 month old baby daughter in their wedding ceremony.

After searching far and wide they realised there was nothing out there. They wanted something that was beautiful, but also comfortable and able keep their baby safe - which isn't too much to ask!

They realised they would have to create something themselves..


Following their wedding in 2016 Collette and Sean have developed the Baby Wedding Carriages as a UK & Ireland hire service.

The Baby Wedding Carriages you see today is the only service of it's kind in the world and is the result of Collette and Sean's desire to have their baby daughter brought down the aisle in something that was beautiful, safe and comfortable.

They have also developed Flower Fairies and Page Pixies - new roles designed especially for babies and toddlers in the wedding ceremony.

We love being able to help couples make a true, all inclusive wedding for family and friends.

So if want to include a brother or sister, son or daughter, nieces or nephew, grandchild or even a friend's baby in you wedding day - you now can!

Collette & Baby Darcy!

Darcy: The First Flower Fairy!

Darcy: The First Flower Fairy!


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