The Baby Wedding Carriage

Our Baby Wedding Carriage was born from trying to find wedding ideas to include a baby in the wedding ceremony.

It is a bespoke product made using eco and environmentally friendly wood that is expertly assembled making it sturdy and reliable.

The Baby Wedding Carriage is hand painted using non-toxic, child friendly paint to give it the chic white finish whilst ensuring the safety of your children.

The initial wedding idea has become reality in the form of the Baby Wedding Carriage thanks to carefully researched problems to cater for a Bride and Grooms wants and needs.


The safety of your children is paramount to us and we ensure every wedding carriage is tested regularly to maintain safety and our high standard of quality.

The Baby Wedding Carriage has a mattress inside that is made specifically for babies for comfort with optimum health and safety considerations. 

We have discreet waist safety straps to secure the baby or toddler safely and comfortably with an osteopath approved baby support, should your baby not be able to sit unaided.

The baby wedding carriage is suitable for babies and children aged up to 2½ years and if a baby has not yet developed neck control they can lie in the carriage comfortably.


The soft furnishings add luxury and exclusivity to the Baby Wedding Carriage, making it attractive and comfortable for the little passengers.

The beautiful decoration gives the Baby Wedding Carriage an extra special touch which will help add to your wedding day, making it unique and unforgettable.

The baby mattress inside provides comfort, satin material used provides luxury and the cushion provides both!


If you choose our Deluxe Package your Baby Wedding Carriage can be customised to to make it unique to you and even more special!

Your Baby Wedding Carriage can be personalised in the following ways:

Colour of ribbon to match theme.

Colour of flowers to match theme.

Choice of sign for rear of the carriage:

Here comes the bride.

Daddy, here comes Mummy.

Happy ever after starts here.

Customisations will be discussed with you by a member of the Baby Wedding Carriage team.

Baby Wedding Carriage 2

Wedding Idea Made Reality

Baby Wedding Carriage 3

Luxury Wedding Accessory

Baby Wedding Carriage 6

Designed For Comfort & Safety

Baby Wedding Carriage 4

Personalised to your specific requirements