Flower Fairy

Have your own Flower Fairy at your wedding!

Make your little girl into a Flower Fairy so she can be part of your special day!

Before our Baby Wedding Carriages there would be no official role for a little girl in the wedding ceremony.

There are roles for older children, like a flower girl, ring bearer and bridesmaid, but none for little ones who can't walk, are a little unsteady or have trouble with straight lines..!

The Baby Wedding Carriage allows brides and grooms to include little girls in their wedding ceremony in a way you weren't able to before - and siblings can pull your little Flower Fairy down the aisle to make an incredibly special, family moment.

The awes and gasps from your family and friends, and the pictures taken make for really special memories and allows your little one to grow up, knowing they had an important part to play in your wedding day!

Thinking of including someone else's baby girl - don't worry! The Baby Wedding Carriage isn't just for daughters - nieces, granddaughters and friends or families' little girls make for special Flower Fairies too!

Flower Fairy