Page Pixie

Have your own Page Pixie at your wedding!

Is your baby boy too little to walk up the aisle, or is he a little unsteady on his feet?

Now you can include him in your wedding ceremony as a Page Pixie in our Baby Wedding Carriage!

Older boys can be Page Boys, Ushers or even a little best man, but there isn't a traditional role for little boys who can't walk, are unsteady on their feet or need help walking in a straight line..!

With the Baby Wedding Carriage you can now include him in our newly created role - Page Pixie!

Your Page Pixie will be drawn down the aisle by a sibling or a bridesmaid, to awes and gasps from all your family and friends, making special memories and pictures which you and he will cherish forever

Whether you are wishing to include your own little boy as your Page Pixie on your wedding day or a nephew, grandson, a friend or families' little boy, he will be able to look back, knowing he had an important role on your special day!

Page Pixie