Safety Is Our Priority

We created the Baby Wedding Carriage to include our baby girl in our wedding and wanted her to be as safe as possible. Since then we have worked tirelessly, to ensure your baby will be as safe and comfortable as possible!

We have eight different safety features in our Baby Wedding Carriages which you can read about below!

1) Seating supports

We have developed three seating supports for different age ranges and developmental stages of babies. These supports have been designed and manufactured by our pediatric osteopath Collette to ensure your baby's safety and comfort"

Stage 1 - Newborns

This support is designed for newborns and babies who cannot yet sit up with or without support. Our specifically designed beanbag enables your newborn baby to lie comfortably and securely. 


Stage 2:  3 months - 8 months

This support is designed to aid in babies or toddlers who need a little assistance in sitting up. 


Stage 3: 8 months plus

This is designed for babies / toddlers who have developed neck control have a strong trunk or core to sit up unaided.

Seating Supports

2) Safety Strap

We have a polypropylene strap attached to the Baby Wedding Carriage with a buckle that clips together. This secures the baby to the Carriage to stop the baby from being able to lean over, climb or dall out of the Carriage.

The strap and buckle is white in order to fit in with the wedding theme!

Safety Strap

3) Central Crotch Post

We have designed and developed a central ‘crotch post’ specifically designed for our Baby Wedding Carriage. The crotch post further supports the baby in a similar way to a high chair, preventing the baby from struggling out of the waist strap.

Our crotch post is made from transparent plastic which is both durable and discreet; so it blends in with whichever customisation you want for your Baby Wedding Carriage!

4) Non-Spoke Wheels

We us flat, whole wheels without any spokes. Whilst we believe that it makes the Baby Wedding Carriage look a lot nicer, it also prevents babies or toddlers from having their fingers trapped in spokes!

Non Spoke Wheels

5) Depth

We have looked at the depth of the Baby Wedding Carriage and have made it deep enough to add as an additional barrier for a baby to lean over, fall or climb out. 


6) Non Toxic Paint

We paint our Baby Wedding Carriages using non-toxic toy paint, the same paint you would find on any wooden toy for sale in the shops. This paint is special because it complies to the safety standard BS EN 71:3:2013, meaning that there are no toxins or chemicals that will be harmful for any children, should they wish to chew on the carriage!

Non Toxic Paint

7) Non Flammable Materials

Where possible, we us non-flammable materials that comply to safety regulations BS 5852, BS 5665 and BS EN 71-2. 

Whilst we try our best, some of the materials used in the decoration of the Baby Wedding Carriage will not adhere to these standards as we are trying to marry a beautiful , dressed carriage with one that is safe.

Non Flammable Materials

8) 360 Degree Axle

Our Baby Wedding Carriage has a 360 degree rotating axle at the front of the Carriage which the handle is attached. This makes for a smooth ride round corners, preventing any jolting to the baby in the Carriage.

360 Degree Axel

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