Are You A Pregnant Fiancée?

Are you a pregnant fiancée - planning a wedding and a new arrival at the same time?

Wedding planning is stressful at the best of times, not least when you have to consider the arrival of a little one too!

A lot of pregnant fiancées might look to postpone the wedding - but we can help ease any worries as our Baby Wedding Carriages allows you to involve your new arrival in your wedding!

Our specialist seating supports are designed for babies as little as a couple of weeks old, ensuring they are safe and comfortable to be involved in your special day!

A simple hire of the Baby Wedding Carriage will ensure you have photographs and memories to share with your little one as they grow older and you can both cherish.

And... Relax! 

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Valentines Day Marriage Proposal

Today is Valentines Day... and could be the day you begin planning your wedding!

If you do start to plan your wedding on 14th February.. congratulations!

Baby Wedding Carriages provide an exclusive wedding accessory that all brides should consider if their family and friends have babies or toddlers and want to include them in the ceremony.

Or even if you the bride has babies or toddlers yourself, there can be no better way of including them at your wedding than our exclusive baby wedding carriages!

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Valentines Day Proposal

Wedding accessories - small children at your wedding

Wedding accessories come in all shapes and sizes - but what about an great practical wedding accessory whereby you can involve your own, family or friends children?

Can you imagine the sight of a baby or toddler being drawn up the aisle in a immaculately dressed wedding carriage with satin furnishings and flowers?

Our baby wedding carriages enable small children at a wedding to be involved.

If the bride has young children our baby wedding carts take infants up to toddlers of two and a half years old.

Or even if they have nieces, nephews or friends young children - for instance the lovely sight of a bridesmaid pulling a page boy up the aisle, or a flower girl whilst she throws petals out of the baby wedding carriage!

The congregation will be oo'ing and ahh'ing - and then the bride comes down the aisle... and they will be completely bowled over!

Baby Wedding Carriages provide the ultimate wedding accessory that will make your day extra special!

How to include siblings in your wedding

If you have younger siblings who are babies and toddlers, our baby wedding carriage is the perfect solution!

Nothing is cuter than seeing a bridesmaid leading a baby or toddler up the aisle in our baby wedding carriage and paving the way for the bride!

Even if they can walk - it is a great spectacle to see them drawn down the aisle in our beautiful baby wedding carriage.

Plus, being the centre of attention before the bride comes down the aisle they really enjoy the ride!

Our wedding carriage is also the perfect vehicle to sit babies and toddlers in for photographs during the ceremony and at the reception.

Baby Wedding Carriages can have small infant babies up to toddlers of two and a half years of age in our wedding carriage.

If you wish to make a booking please fill in our Booking Form and a member of our team will be in contact regarding your special day!


Siblings on your wedding day