Baby Wagon or Baby Wedding Carriage?

Are you searching for a baby wagon in the UK for your wedding?  We were in exactly the same position as you!

We were searching for a suitable baby wagon for weeks, trying to find a way to include our baby girl in our wedding day. We soon realized we would have to create something ourselves – leading us to create our Baby Wedding Carriages!

We decided on carriages instead of Baby Wedding Wagon because we thought it sounded a bit more ‘wedding-y’!  We have worked hard to make it beautiful to grace any wedding but also as safe as possible – something you might not get through DIY or purchasing something to convert to a baby wagon – you can see all our safety features here!

As the only service of its kind, we hire our Baby Wedding Carriages out across the UK and Ireland and the cost of delivery and collection is included in our one stop price of £150 – if you are interested you can find out more about us by clicking here, otherwise, happy hunting!