Tatton Park | Bride: The Wedding Show

Baby Wedding Carriages attended Tatton | Bride: The Wedding Show this past weekend and we can safely say we were the talk of the wedding show!

Our baby wedding carriages were tried and tested by lots of little flower girls, page boys and bridesmaids to be with an overwhelmingly positive response!

We spoke to a lot of brides to be with babies of their own or who wanted to include nieces, nephews or friends babies in their special day.

They thought our baby wedding carriage was ideal and had the perfect 'cute factor' for little ones to be pulled down the aisle and pose for photographs later on!

We also had lots of positive comments on the sturdiness of our baby wedding carriage, the materials and decoration as well as the safety measures we have in place for little ones.

Fellow exhibitors were coming over for a peek and even placing orders for their own weddings!

We are working hard to finalise bookings made over the weekend for newborns up to 2 and a half - who, whilst they can walk, loved being pulled around and gives them a special seat for the ceremony!

If you wish to place an order now please fill out our Booking Form and we will be in touch to finalise your baby wedding carriage for your own special day!

Baby Darcy going for a ride!